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Changeable Letters

Not every sign has a permanent message, but it still needs to look good and be easily read from afar.

Promotional offers change, prices move up or down, movies come and go. Your message needs to attract the attention of each and every passerby—on foot or on wheels!

Westwind offers several different changeable lettering products that have the versatility to meet your needs.


PRONTO LETTERS: Clear acrylic blanks are precision injection molded to a .080" thickness. These blanks will not warp or blow away under most conditions. Raised edges prevent scratching. Feet on the base of each letter keep it from being frozen to the track in winter. These premium blanks are silk screened with ecologically sound UV inks.


GAS PRICING: We have 4 different styles in both positive copy and reverse copy. Available in sizes from 6" up to 42" and custom capability, Westwind can meet any of your Gas Pricing requirements.


PRONTO-GLO:  Reverse Letters have a transparent letter with the background silk screened in black onto a clear blank with a beveled edge. Use with black Pronto Track on a backlit sign. Custom background colors available.


SLOTTED LETTERS: Injection Molded Slotted letters offer a flatter face and sharper edge than our Snap Lok brand. This product, which is again gaining popularity, has been completely retooled for superior installation on our Slotted track.


SNAP-LOK: Formed plastic letters offer a "dimensional" changeable letter popular in the old movie marquees signs. These letters have metal hooks on the top half of the letter and clips on the bottom half to secure to our Snap Lok track.

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